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This is the cpu load history for the ThinkCentre m92p 3238 tiny form factor server. This server has one Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470T CPU @ 2.90GHz processor, with 16 Gig of RAM and 4 Gig of swap. It has web, dns and email services running. The graph is from data sampled via the servers uptime command every two minutes. This powerful machine has a very small footprint on the desk. It uses very little power and is EPEAT Gold Certified, ENERGY STAR 5.0 Compliant and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. It's Redhat Linux certified. As a consequence of it's energy efficiency, it's also very quiet (no fan noises, etc). This machine is currently running a recent version of 64 bit Fedora.

[tc1 cpu graphic]
ThinkCentre cpu load graph

Below is the sar output for utilization and page/vm fault activity on the ThinkCentre. The data is taken every other minute from a sar database of samples stored every two minutes.

[tc1 sar graphic]
ThinkCentre sar output

Below is a graph of the ifstat output for main tc1 interface. The data for this graph is an average updated every two minutes.

[tc1 interface use graphic]
ThinkCentre network use graph

Below is a graph of the df -k output for tc1. The data for this graph is updated every two minutes.

[tc1 disk use graphic]
ThinkCentre disk use graph

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